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Most plants (by far) cannot survive the low light and dry air typical of the indoor environment. Those that can are given this symbol. Houseplants are a very special group. These are not 'throw away' plants that you use for green decoration and then replace when they wither away and no longer look good. You can keep houseplants alive for decades IF you select the right kinds and give them the light and humidity they require. Remember, houseplants are living creatures.

Kentucky Bright Leaf

tobacco flower Around this time of year farmers here in Kentucky remove the flower buds from the waist-high tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) plants. Sometimes they miss a few, like this on, and the showy, fragrant flowers make an appearance. Click to download a large of version (800x600) of this beautiful burley blossom from my home state of Kentucky (which is also preparing to re-enter the commercial hemp, Cannabis sativa market).

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